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The June 2017 issue (Vol. 40, No. 2) is now available online. This issue's contents are:

Letter From the Editor
Jayson Seaman


"Living Without Boys: A Retrospective Analysis of the Benefits and Skills Gained at All-Female Camps"
Anja Whittington, Barry A. Garst, Ryan J. Gagnon, Sarah Baughman

"Diversity in the Outdoors: National Outdoor Leadership School Students’ Attitudes About Wilderness"
Sara Gress, Troy Hall

"The Adventure Therapy Experience Scale: The Psychometric Properties of a Scale to Measure the Unique Factors Moderating an Adventure Therapy Experience"
Keith Russell, Harold L. (Lee) Gillis

"Cognitive and Physiological Impacts of Adventure Activities: Beyond Self-Report Data"
Andrew W. Bailey, Josh Johann, Hyoung-Kil Kang

"Measuring Infusion of Service-Learning on Student Program Development and Implementation Competencies"
Su-I Hou, Vince Pereira

"Perceived Benefits of Service Learning: A Comparison of Collegiate Recreation Concentrations"
Eden E. Fisher, Ryan L. Sharp, Michael J. Bradley