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The March 2018 issue (Vol. 41, No. 1) is now available online. This is a special issue, "The Possibilities and Limitations of Experiential Learning in Higher Education."

Guest Editorial
Jay Roberts


“Finding the Right Fit: Helping Students Apply Theory to Service-Learning Contexts”
Audrey Ricke

“Are We Experienced? Reflections on the SUNY Experiential Learning Mandate”
Jerry Isaak, Michael Devine, Curt Gervich, and Richard Gottschall

“Outdoor Fieldwork in Higher Education: Learning From Multidisciplinary Experience”
Brendon Munge, Glyn Thomas, and Deborah Heck

“Place as Pedagogy: Toward Study Abroad for Social Change”
Jennifer M. Pipitone

“The Impact of Transculturality on Student Experience of Higher Education”
Heidi A. Smith and Teresa Segbers

“Enhancing the College Student Experience: Outcomes of a Leisure Education Program”
Katherine A. Jordan, Ryan J. Gagnon, Denise M. Anderson, and June J. Pilcher

“Student Employment as a Model for Experiential Learning”
Jacquelyn H. Fede, Kathleen S. Gorman, and Maria E. Cimini