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The March 2017 issue (Vol. 40, No. 1) is now available online. This issue's contents are:

Letter From the Editor
Jayson Seaman


“Impacts of Experiential Learning Depth and Breadth on Student Outcomes”
Jeffrey Scott Coker, Evan Heiser, Laura Taylor, Connie Book

“Student Outcomes of Eco-Restoration Service-Learning Experiences in Urban Woodlands”
Eric Knackmuhs, James Farmer, Heather L. Reynolds

“Learning by Experience in a Standardized Testing Culture”
Stephen C. Scogin, Christopher J. Kruger, Regan E. Jekkals, Chelsea Steinfeldt

“School-Based Experiential Outdoor Education”
Joan K. James, Theresa Williams

“Trusting the Journey”
Morten Asfeldt, Simon Beames