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Association for Experiential Education (AEE): A community of progressive educators and practitioners.

Old Folks & Allies (OFA)

Old Folks & Allies Affiliation Group

AEE's Old Folks & Allies Affiliation Group (OFA) was designed to create space for the elders of AEE to connect with each other, share their wisdom with those newer to the field, and contribute to the promotion of experiential education through their connections, projects and initiatives. At a planning session on February 27-28, 2006, OFA members adopted the following:

Mission Statement:
The mission of OFA is to provide ways for the wisdom and experience of the elders to be available to the association.

OFA is a Professional Affiliation Group of AEE that operates in accordance with published criteria for Professional Affiliation Groups. We are governed by a steering committee that is selected at our annual meeting, which takes place at the Annual International AEE conference.

Leadership: Philo Elmer OFA Elder Roster

The OFA Steering Committee: JoAnna Allen, Cliff Knapp, Tom Smith, Tom Lindblade.  See also the OFA Elders link above for their bios.

Proposed Plan of Action

  • Support the development of AEE's research agenda.
  • Develop a Center/Institute for Experiential Education.
  • Identify demographic, socioeconomic and educational trends.
  • Assist with fund development, working toward creating a foundation.
  • Develop a directory of our skills, talents and experiences.
  • Collect and organize archives, identifying lessons learned and best practices.
  • Continue to develop mentoring/partnering/coaching relationships within AEE.
  • Provide advice, counsel, mediation and other resources as requested.
  • Build strategic alliances with other organizations to affect policy.
  • Develop plans and strategies for AEE to acquire our own physical plant.

Suggestions, Notices & Articles

We welcome your ideas for developing it to serve your needs. Send your suggestions, notices or articles. For the time being, contact Bob MacArthur at bob@birchcorner.com.

How to Join OFA

If you are an AEE member interested in joining the OFA group, email membership@aee.org.  Or, log in with your username and password in the top right-hand corner of this page. Then, click on the My Account and then My Profile. Once in your member profile, select OFA under Affiliation Groups.