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Association for Experiential Education (AEE): A community of progressive educators and practitioners.

AEE Publications

AEE publishes the peer-reviewed, scholarly, quarterly journal, Journal of Experiential Education, and sells books on experiential education. Visit the AEE eStore  to browse our book selection. See also AEE White Papers below.  Looking for other experiential education resources? Click here.

Journal of Experiential Education

JEE Access: AEE Members: Please log into your AEE account from the AEE homepage, then in My Account, click on JEE Online Access. Non-Members: Click here for more information.  

The Journal of Experiential Education (JEE) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly, quarterly journal presenting a diverse range of articles in subject areas such as outdoor adventure programming, service learning, environmental education, therapeutic applications, research and theory, the creative arts, and much more. The JEE is an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved in experiential education and a must for your library, school, or organization's collection. Subscriptions are included in AEE memberships, please click here. For extra subscription supplements to membership, non-members or library/agency rates, replacement issues/back issue purchases, please click here.

Indexing: Please click here for further information.

Abstracts of JEE Articles 1978-Present: Please go to ERIC Advanced Search website. The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a federally funded national information system that provides a variety of services and products on a broad range of education-related issues. The ERIC database is the world's largest source of education information and contains more than 1 million abstracts of documents and journal articles. Articles are not available for purchase through ERIC. 

Articles and Reproductions: Online search and document delivery: http://www.sagepub.com/journals/Journal202222/abstractIndexing. To request permission to copy articles from the JEE vols. 1-35 or other AEE books or publications, email publications@aee.org to request a permission release form; if for JEE vols. 36 and later, please contact Sage Publishing, email permissions@sagepub.com.

JEE Editorial Team: Dr. Patrick Maher, Cape Breton University; Dr. Glyn Thomas, University of Queensland; Dr. Philip Mullins, University of Northern British Columbia. Email: jee@aee.org. The JEE editors are supported by the Editorial Advisory Panel and Editorial Board. These individuals provide specific advice, guide the journal's broader direction, and also continue to review manuscripts.

Instructions for JEE Authors: click here. Once you have your manuscript prepared according to the instructions, to submit your manuscript, click here.

JEE Reviewer Pool: click here. If you reviewed for the JEE within the last year and were mistakenly left off this list, or you would like to review for JEE in the future, please email the editors at jee@aee.org.

AEE White Papers

AEE produces white papers to further the research, education and support for practitioners in the field and to assist in the development of programs, advocate positions and support for development of the field. For tips on using white papers please see our overview (PDF). 

  1. Adventure Therapy and Adjudicated Youth (2011) (PDF)
  2. Therapeutic Adventure with American Indian youth (2011) (PDF)
  3. Wilderness Orientation Programs (2011) (PDF)

To propose writing additional white papers for AEE, please contact Tiffany Wynn (Secretary, Council on Research and Evaluation--CORE--wynn.bestpractices@gmail.com).