Treatment of Consumers Policy

The AEE Board of Directors has defined policy that guides the association in its interactions with members and customers. This policy states:

With respect to interactions with consumers, or those applying to be consumers, the ED shall not cause or allow conditions, procedures, or decisions, which are unsafe, undignified, unjust or unnecessarily intrusive.

Further, without limiting the scope of the foregoing by the following, the ED shall not:

1. Use application forms or procedures that elicit information for which there is no clear necessity.
2. Fail to operate facilities with appropriate accessibility.
3. Fail to establish with consumers a clear understanding of what may be expected from the product or service offered.
4. Fail to inform consumers of their rights, or to provide a way to be heard for persons who believe they have not been accorded a reasonable interpretation of their protection under this policy.
5. Fail to gather informal and formal feedback from consumers regarding services offered, e.g.,staff/consumer relationships, conference, organization performance, member benefits, etc.

If your experience with AEE has not met these expectations, please share your feedback with the ED or Board of Directors.