About AEE

Vision: We believe learning through experience positively transforms people and our world.

Mission: AEE promotes and expands the global capacity of experiential learning.

We work to achieve the Mission through the following Ends:
1. An inclusive and expanding experiential learning community is encouraged, nurtured and celebrated. Firmly rooted in the philosophy, principles and practices of experiential education:
a. This community of practitioners and explorers of experiential learning is convened. 
b. Practitioners and explorers are educated to build their capacity and increase their impact.

2. Authoritative information for promoting, implementing and advancing the philosophy, principles, and practices of experiential learning is accessible.
a. A network of researchers is engaged in validating and advancing experiential learning.
b. Rigorous experiential learning research is guided and disseminated for practitioner application and for stakeholder influence.
c. Standards are identified to improve professional practice, advocate for the well-being of participants, and protect the reputation of experiential learning worldwide.
i. Standards of practice are relevant, accessible and utilized.
ii. Accreditations and certifications are utilized to promote adoption of the standards.
iii. Relevant accrediting bodies are responsive to AEE standards.
d. Relevant resources are disseminated.

3. Public audiences value and support experiential learning.
a. Awareness and understanding of experiential learning is increased.
b. Influence and impact upon policy and practice is broadened.

Our Values

Global Community: Bringing together individuals and organizations is essential to further experiential education methodologies and practices around the globe.
● We celebrate our shared values and exchange our own unique cultural experiences in the field
● We collaborate, support and develop relationships through ongoing dialogue and shared learning across the globe.

Adventure and Challenge: Adventure and challenge are fundamental elements for experiential learning in the classroom, natural world, and beyond.

● We enhance the learning process through active holistic engagement.
● We challenge ourselves and others to develop creative solutions to complex problems

Reflective Leadership: Reflective leadership is vital in strengthening our best practices as experiential educators. 

● We reflect on mistakes and successes as opportunities for growth and learning
● We utilize personal reflection to be aware of our biases and preconceptions and how this affects the learning process

Social Justice: Supporting people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures is an integral part of developing successful experiential education programming.

● We create spaces of mutuality, compassion, respect and exchange of diverse perspectives, experiences and needs around experiential education.
● We expand and strengthen the presence, knowledge and practice of diversity, inclusion and equity within all levels of our organization and across our field.

The Natural World: Conservation of the natural world is key to protecting the enjoyment and learning of all individuals, communities and future generations.

● We earn trust within communities through efforts to support the natural systems that allow us to do our work.
● We conduct our work in an environmentally sensitive way to protect and preserve the natural spaces which play a powerful role in our work.

Creative Play: Play and laughter enhance creativity and allow for engaged learning experiences.

● We utilize play to encourage both educators and participants to be curious, experiment, investigate and persevere to enhance learning.
● We embrace spontaneous opportunities for learning.

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1990 - 2008

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