Accreditation Testimonials

AEE Outdoor Education Accreditation

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
By Drew Leemon, Director of NOLS Risk Management
"NOLS became involved with the AEE accreditation program in the early 1990’s. I think this was when AEE empaneled a task force to look into the feasibility of creating an accreditation program. Molly Hampton from NOLS was asked to be on that panel. Molly brought back to NOLS a draft of the accreditation standards for review by various NOLS directors. I remember reviewing this in 1993 when I was director of NOLS Southwest. The work by various people associated with AEE prior to these draft standards had been done collegially, with input sought and provided by many influential people in the wilderness/adventure education field. This, and the fact that we were being brought into that group, appealed to us and indicated that if standards were going to be written, we wanted to be a part of the process, and AEE was giving us that opportunity to work with others." Read more here.
Outward Bound Hong Kong
By Aaron Funnell, Operations Coordinator, Outward Bound Hong Kong
"Adopting quality standards are becoming ever more important for clients and participants as we move into the 21st century, and being located within China we felt proof of quality was especially important. Gaining accreditation has been a valuable tool to help inform stakeholders we strive to be a high quality organization.....It has also acted as a springboard for further innovation and growth in course design and programming excellence. It has also served as a magnet that continues to attract great educators and new business opportunities to us. So for other organizations we say ‘go for it’!" Read more here.