Alleviating Compassion Fatigue When Caring Becomes Difficult

May 1, 2020

Presented by: Federico A. Borroel & Carlynne Sutterfield

Webinar Description: 

Caregivers, helping professionals, outdoor professionals, and others are invited to join us for this webinar exploring compassion fatigue and strategies for alleviating its effects. Empathizing with others affects our own ability to be present and mindful, especially during difficult times. Presenters will provide a frame for understanding compassion fatigue, provide tools for self-assessment, and explore ways to remain connected to others and our own capacity for compassion.   


Power Point Presentation

About Federico: Federico A. Borroel, MS, LPC-S, is the owner of RelateAbility, PLLC, a limited liability company that provides counseling and consulting services through Adventure Therapy and Experience-Based Training & Development. Whether working with families or institutions, he is passionate about strengthening connections among people to help them achieve communal goals. After years of providing direct counseling services to trauma survivors, Fred created training experiences to help mangers and front-line workers of trauma serving organizations reduce the effects of secondary trauma. Throughout his career, Fred has served as a counselor, clinical supervisor, author, program developer, trainer, and grant writer. He sits on the Advisory Council of AEE’s Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group (TAPG) after serving as the TAPG Leadership Council Chair. 
About Carlynne: Carlynne Sutterfield, MA, LPC is a National Certified Trauma therapist in San Antonio, TX. Her experience includes working with children and families, especially those at risk for trauma, abuse and neglect. Her work experience includes Adventure Therapy, delivering therapeutic services to children and their families through the use of outdoor interventions. She has worked to develop compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress trainings and has delivered those services to trauma serving organizations, helping professionals, and other health serving organizations. Currently, her role as a Wellness Counselor is to create, develop and deliver organizational health and wellness curriculum to content moderators.