Michael Stratton Practitioner's Award Criteria

  • Must be a current member of AEE.
  • Must demonstrate high ethical standards.
  • Must have demonstrated consistently high levels of performance as a practitioner of the experiential education process.
  • Must have a solid knowledge of quality standards and demonstrated this knowledge throughout her/his practicing career.
  • Is ideally "in the trenches" on a daily basis, a worker more than a program director.
  • Should be a practitioner more than a theorist.
  • Is ideally a full-time experiential educator.
  • Lives and works with a passion for experiential education.
  • Has demonstrated that an individual practitioner can bring about significant change or impact in the lives of students, participants or clients.
  • Is ideally involved with and committed to AEE.

Karl Rohnke Creativity Award Criteria

  • Must be a current member of AEE.
  • Must have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to experiential education principles.
  • Must have designed, created, and/or produced one or more of the following experiential education resources and/or events: video, book, workshop/seminar, newsletter, artwork, article, play, electronic-media resource, program, or educational materials.

Servant Leader Award Criteria

  • Has demonstrated active, excellent leadership to AEE for at least five years previous to the nomination for this award.
  • Exhibits the highest level of ethical practices.
  • Has demonstrated a passionate commitment to furthering experiential education principles.
  • Exemplifies that the "how and why" of doing something is as important as the "what will be done."
  • Is open to non-members.

Distinguished Researcher Award Criteria

  • Must be a current member of AEE
  • Importance of research contributions
  • Continuity of research involvement
  • Diversity of publication and presentation outlets particularly those that are refereed
  • Creative and innovative impacts to research within the experiential education community
  • Presence of awards, keynotes, grants, etc. that speak to a research presence

Organizational Member of the Year Award Criteria

  • Open to current AEE Organizational, Institutional and Accredited Members only.
  • Must have maintained innovative and outstanding programming at consistently high standards for at least five years prior to nomination.
  • Must have demonstrated consistent commitment to and support for the work of AEE.