Award Nominations Process

Your nomination narrative is read by a group of impartial reviewers. Reviewers compare your narrative against the criteria for the award. A strong nomination relates the nominee to the award criteria and includes examples, such as book titles, classes taught, materials published and the like.

Examples are especially helpful in demonstrating the nominee's commitment to AEE; examples might include regional and national committees, conferences and roles. Supporting nominations from others strengthens your nominee's case.

Nominations and supporting documents received by July 1 are considered for awards in the same year; documents received after July 1 are considered for awards in the following year.

Submitting Your Nomination:

  1. Tell us about yourself. Include your name, relationship to nominee, address, phone, email, and the best way to reach you.
  2. Tell us about the person you are nominating. Include nominee's name, title, organization, address, phone and email. Pronunciation tips are helpful. 
  3. Tell us the award for which you are nominating the person. If you would like the Awards Committee to consider this person for more than one award, you must submit complete nominations for each award and be sure to address each award's criteria. 
  4. Write a narrative that shows reviewers how the nominee meets the criteria. Write from the heart, combining personal experience and specific examples to make your case. Encourage others to submit original, supporting nominations for this person as well--additional testimonials can make a difference. 
  5. Submit nominations by July 1.
  6. Letters of support are no longer required for AEE Awards nominations. Instead, independent nominations will be submitted by each nominator including justification (200-300 words in length) for the nomination at the end of the nomination form. Multiple nominations (by separate nominators) for a single nominee will be accepted. 
  7. Submit nominations online using the AEE Award Nomination Form.

Kurt Hahn Address Nominations:
The AEE Board of Directors reviews the list of possible candidates (along with brief biographies) for the Kurt Hahn Address with the knowledge of the annual theme that has been selected for the topic of the address. To suggest someone for Board consideration for the Kurt Hahn Address, please contact an AEE Board member. Please click here for more information on this award and nominations.