Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Awards Committee tell nominees who nominated them?
No. We encourage you to talk with your nominee and let him/her know. You'll get your facts straight and likely have a good conversation in the process.

Can I submit a nomination if I don't have all the information?
Yes. Do the best you can. All things being equal, a narrative that clearly addresses all the criteria is stronger than one that does not. The solution? Talk to the nominee directly and/or get another person (who has the missing information) to submit a nomination with you.

How long will my nomination remain in consideration?
Two years, provided that, in the second year, the criteria are still being met. The Awards Committee urges you to submit new or additional information or supporting nominations in the second year as a way of keeping the nomination fresh.

Can I nominate someone for more than one award?
Yes. However, as each award is different, you need to submit a nomination or group of nominations that address each award's criteria.

Can I nominate myself?

Can I submit my nomination by email?
To ensure all required nomination information is included, it would be best if nominations were submitted through the AEE website's nomination form. However, email nominations may be submitted to [email protected].

Can I get help with my nomination?
Yes. While the Awards Committee cannot serve as your writing coach, we can answer questions and help you with your submission. Contact the Awards Committee at [email protected].