2020 International Conference Call for Proposals
November 12-14, 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA

The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) is now accepting workshop proposals, poster presentation proposals, and pre-conference proposals for the 2020 International Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Hi There, Neighbor!

For years, individuals and organizations have looked to the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) as the informational authority in the field. AEE’s mission is to elevate and expand the global capacity of Experiential Education, and to achieve this, we provide opportunities and spaces for the practitioners, researchers and inquirers of experiential education to connect and learn with and from one another. 

From November 12-14, AEE’s 48th Annual International Conference will bring more than 600 attendees together in Pittsburgh who share the goals of promoting, defining, developing, and applying theories and practices of EE. We believe it is our responsibility to provide the inclusive setting in which this kind of collaboration can be fostered. Our Conference is designed to create the shared space where you can grow your career, discover valuable new strategies to integrate into your work, and develop lasting personal and professional relationships. With over 1,800 members from 35 countrieswe recognize and champion the fact that Experiential Education represents a broad spectrum of professional fields and backgrounds, and our Annual Conference provides the ‘neighborhood’ for this diverse community to come together. 

We hope you will use this friendly space to connect, discover, expand, and refresh. Find people who work and study in many areas; including K-12 education, colleges and universities, recreation, outdoor and adventure programming, therapy and mental health, youth development, programming for people with disabilities, service learning, and organizational development. Educational opportunities abound throughout the conference in areas of trauma informed care, technology in the outdoors, emotional resilience, servant leadership, risk management and much, much more

We are all ‘neighbors’ in the same Experiential Education community, and we strive to make #AEEConnect48 the hub for connections that cross any boundaries of profession, background, or border.

WORKSHOP PROPOSALS: Workshops provide a time to present our collective resources and knowledge to elevate and advocate for EE. The value of sharing what you know through a workshop or professional development intensive can have a far-reaching impact. Because of the collaborative nature of our field, presenters find that through the process of sharing their expertise they gain new insights themselves. Being a presenter is also an excellent way to build your professional résumé and speaker profile. While every annual conference is filled with keynotes, plenary sessions, and other events and activities, workshops are the foundation and the fulcrum from which attendees and presenters alike are able to rejuvenate and sustain momentum in this great work. 

 Fill out the workshop proposal form HERE DEADLINE: APRIL 15. Presenters will be notified on May 15th.  

PRE-CONFERENCES: Do you have a workshop or program you would like to provide but need more time to present? Do you offer certification in areas such as risk management, mental health, wilderness medicine, or technical skills? Pre-Conferences take place prior to the start of the conference, and are in-depth workshops and activities that provide an expanded opportunity for professional development. Pre-Conference workshops and activities are designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to enhance their Conference experience. If you are interested in submitting a Pre-Conference Workshop Proposal, please fill out the Pre-Conference application HERE DEADLINE: APRIL 15. Presenters will be notified on May 15th.  

POSTER SESSIONS: During the conference, there will be networking time that will also include opportunities for those who wish to present information on research, programs, and ideas in the form of a poster presentation.  Presenters will prepare their poster in advance and answer questions, provide information, and offer follow-up opportunities for those who are interested. Submit a proposal for a Poster Presentations HERE  DEADLINE: APRIL 15. Presenters will be notified on May 15th.  

SEER: The Symposium on Experiential Education Research (SEER) provides an outlet and venue for researchers in the field of experiential education to present, share, dialogue, and further develop their research ideas. The symposium occurs concurrently with the International AEE Conference each year and involves the presentation of research papers from leading international scholars in the field of experiential education.  Visit http://www.aee.org/seer to view the call for proposals. DEADLINE: APRIL 15  SEER Presenters will be notified of the status of their submissions on July 15th.