Canadian Affiliation Group

The underlying purpose of the Canadian Affiliation Group (CAG) is to appreciate the Canadian nature of experiential education and deliver upon the value of encompassing diverse perspectives by enriching opportunities for AEE members across Canada.

The CAG strives to:

  • Allow for a stronger voice for Canadian AEE members
  • Provide new opportunities to connect Canadian members with one another
  • Provide an authentic Canadian EE perspective to the association
  • Enrich AEE by connecting with other Canadian EE-related organizations
  • Increase the Canadian AEE membership

The CAG builds community:

  • Recognizing that some Canadian members currently benefit from their involvement in their AEE region, our intention is to further enhance our involvement with AEE overall.
  • The CAG will offer a community for Canadian members who, given the current organisation of some of the regions do not feel a strong connection to. 
  • The CAG would be an opportunity for Canadian members to address specific issues, share recourses, and increase networking and the exploration of EE issues from a Canadian perspective.