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Meet Storytelling Guru: Eric Boggs

Meet AEE Member and Storytelling Guru: Eric Boggs

Submitted by Dr. Christine Norton, AEE Member, ActivatEE Coach, & Associate Professor of Social Work at Texas State University


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Creativity: Experiential Education's Big 'ah ha' Moment

Creativity: Experiential Education’s Big “ah ha” Moment
Submitted by Daniel Cape, author, experiential educator, creativity consultant

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician who was assigned the challenge of determining the volume of gold in his king’s crown. One day, after working on the problem unsuccessfully for some time, he stopped thinking about it and joined his friends at a local bathhouse. As Archimedes lowered himself into the bath he observed the water level rise; and then it hit him. The volume of his king’s crown could be measured by the volume of water that is displaced when submerged. And so the story goes that Archimedes was seen excitedly running through the streets naked immediately after shouting, “Eureka!”

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