The Power of Story

The Power of Story


2018 International Conference Resources

2018 Kurt Hahn Address w/ TA Loeffler

In this address, Dr. Loeffler speaks about how she came to climb the highest mountains in the world.
She also weaves in the work of Kurt Hahn, and wraps it all up with some powerful metaphors for life.

2018 Closing Conference Keynote w/ Dan Garvey

Over a period of several decades experiential educators have been attending AEE Conferences and joining like-minded colleagues in an attempt to improve education and service to learners. But, has it made any difference? What possible influence can we claim on the basic notion of learning. Our closing keynote featuring Dan Garvey focused on some of the intended and unintended consequences of the experiential education movement.

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Power of Story

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2017 AEE International Conference Resources

At AEE, we aim to inspire collaboration among individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives, connect experiential education professionals around the world and build your professional knowledge and competency. In November 2017, nearly 800 practitioners, teachers, therapists, facilitators, trainers, students and administrators gathered for our 45th Annual International Conference.  Below are some video highlights and workshop resources from the event.  Enjoy!

Changemakers: Success Stories from around the World

The 2017 keynote presentation is a collection of inspiring examples that epitomize the steady growth and success of experiential education (EE) on a global scale. Each of the three presenters has overcome obstacles while seeking to expand the practice of EE in their regions. Through passion and perseverance, they have succeeded in transforming education for hundreds of thousands of students around the world. They offer not only strategies for success, but also a redefined vision of what is possible and how we might best influence the future of education.

Tonia Gray Keynote

Outdoor Education and Adventure Therapy in Oz: Research, Practice, and Insights
Tonia Gray, PhD
Professor, Centre for Educational Research
Western Sydney University Sydney, Australia


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Tarun Chandna Keynote

Experiential Education: India’s Story
Tarun Chandna 
Inme Learning, India


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Phil Butterfield Keynote
EXPO: Connect Charter School’s Journey into an Experiential, Placed-Based Outdoor Education Program 
Phil Butterfield, EdD
Principal, Connect Charter School
Alberta, Canada
Tony Alvarez
2017 Kurt Hahn Address w/ Tony Alvarez
The Kurt Hahn Address is presented annually by a person designated by the Board of Directors who has contributed to the development and advancement of experiential education with the tenacity and conviction exemplified by Kurt Hahn. 
Marilyn Levin Keynote
2017 Closing Keynote
Going High When Others Go Low
Marilyn Levin, MSW
Founder, The WeGoHigh Project
ActivatEE Many Faces

2017 ActivatEE Playlist

ActivatEE is a speaking platform designed to facilitate the process of creating one’s story, inspiring the use of one’s voice, and launching an idea - all on stage during a conference keynote.

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The magnitude of the conference was quite impactful. I have never attended such a large gathering before. It's quite inspiring to think everyone in attendance is striving to change the world in a positive way through experiential education.

Workshop materials: Click the workshop title to see available resources

Workshop Title and Presenters
Enhancing Motivation and Transforming Lives: Blending Experiential Education and Motivational Interviewing (Robert Valle, Wendy Stack)
Using Multi-Arts and Play to Create Empathetic, Inclusive Learning Spaces: An Eastern Psychology Perspective (Gitanjali Sarangan)
Presenting like a Rock Star: Exciting Presentation Techniques for Engaging your Audience (Jeannette Deloya, Carla Hacker, Debra Polster)
Beyond Sensitization Activities: Using Experiential Activities to Teach People about Disability and Neuro-diversity (Jay Goddard)
The Intersection of Resilience and Trauma Interventions: Using Neuroscience to Maintain Stability (Diane Ryan, Katie Klein, Susan Love)
Creating Trans(gender) Inclusive Environments in the Outdoors, the Workplace, and Beyond (Meg Bolger, Perry Cohen) 
How to Navigate Our Triggers: Strategies for Dealing with Being Triggered as a Facilitator (Meg Bolger)
Agents of Change: Inspiring Youth for Empathy, Creative Collaboration & Social Entrepreneurship (Geraldine Paredes Vásquez, Laurie Frank)
Working with White Participants in Outdoor Experiential Education (Karen Warren, Amelia Tarren)
What’s Your Story? Examining the Impact of Narratives on Adolescents and Families in Therapy (Sidney Dang, Amanda Mosse) 
Experiential Education: An Engine for Integrated School-wide Social Emotional Learning (Larry Childs, Jen Dirga)
A 3rd Colloquium on Outdoor, Adventure and Experiential Education at Canadian Universities and Colleges (Pat Maher, Bob Henderson)
Why And How Of Story: Moving People To Action (Jani Jackson, John Losey)
Is Our Program Meeting Our Environmental Objectives? (Elizabeth Andre)
Resolving Trauma through Adventure: Applying a Somatic Experiencing lens to Adventure Therapy (Sommerville Bevilaqua, Ariana DeToro-Forlenza)


“This conference did an excellent job at helping me feel excited to go back to work: connecting with this many people doing great work was excellent.”
“I am more aware of what is happening in this field and the many subcultures that are a part of the bigger picture. I feel more confident as a result of putting various strategies into practice in a non-threatening (in fact, very encouraging!) environment.”
“I’ve been in the industry for 6 years but this is the first time I’ve attended a conference and I feel like I truly found ‘my people’.”
“There was enough variety that one had to be thoughtful about attendance and pick wisely but this also meant you were not disappointed at any session slot.”
“There's a large sense of community and an open discussion of new ideas at the International Conference.”