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Letter from the editor
Jayson Seaman


"Using Culturally Relevant Experiential Education to Enhance Urban Children’s Knowledge and Engagement in Science"
Cara M. Djonko-Moore, Jacqueline Leonard, Quintaniay Holifield, Elsa B. Bailey, and Sultan M. Almughyirah

"Bridging Natural and Digital Domains: Attitudes, Confidence, and Interest in Using Technology to Learn Outdoors"
R. Justin Hougham, Marc Nutter, and Caitlin Graham

"Educational Approaches and Contexts in the Development of a Heritage Museum"
Marcelo I. Dorfsman and Gabriel Horenczyk

"Promoting School Connectedness Among Minority Youth Through Experience-Based Urban Farming"
Matthew Fifolt, Amy Ferguson Morgan, and Zoe Ripple Burgess

"Cultivating Nature Connection: Instructor Narratives of Urban Outdoor Education"
Bryan S. R. Grimwood, Michelle Gordon, and Zachary Stevens

"Impact of Adventure-Based Approaches on the Self-Conceptions of Middle School Physical Education Students"
Sandra Gibbons, Vicki Ebbeck, Jennifer Gruno, and Glenda Battey