AEE Is Your Professional Home

AEE is an encouraging community, a safe place for you to try things and grow.
Here, you find others like you; people who share your values.

You find your family.

AEE connects individuals across a multitude of disciplines, settings and geographies. This broadness provides intellectual complexity and diversity and makes AEE a place to challenge your thinking and stretch yourself.

We offer different levels of membership to best meet your current needs.


Member Benefit 1

At the AEE International Conference, you will make valuable connections with colleagues from around the world and learn new approaches, techniques and tools to use in your work.

Member Benefit 2

The Journal of Experiential Education will give you the latest research and evidence-based practices.

Member Benefit 3

AEE Webinars provide you with an opportunity to learn more about experiential learning topics, so you can bring even more experience and value to your students and clients.

Quotes from People who Love AEE

“The opportunity to meet and be exposed to people and ideas outside of my traditional practice areas has been eye-opening and inspired me to expand my practice areas and network.”
“AEE has helped frame social justice in outdoor education and has been integral in my professional development throughout my career.”
“AEE has values that embrace diversity, excellence, and interactive learning.”