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The Association for Experiential Education was founded in 1972, and currently has hundreds of members from around the worldOur members influence and inspire over one million individuals each year, with our accredited programs working with over 300,000 people annually. 

AEE members represent a broad spectrum of professional fields that utilize experiential education methodologies and practices: outdoor, classroom, human service, organizational training, therapeutic and adventure settings. We recognize and champion the fact that experiential education can take place in many different settings and contexts, and work hard to create a community of inclusion, open dialogue, and access to facilitate the connection between individuals from all areas of professional focus, perspective, and background. 

Becoming a member of AEE allows you to participate in a supportive community dedicated to promoting, defining, developing and applying the theories and practices of experiential education. You become part of a network that will help you develop professionally, find employment or employees, learn valuable new strategies and skills to integrate into your business or practice, and develop lasting personal and professional relationships.

 What our Members are saying...

“The opportunity to meet and be exposed to people and ideas outside of my traditional practice areas has been eye-opening and inspired me to expand my practice areas and network.”

"AEE is energizing, it is where I have met and will meet my best buds, it's inclusive and makes perfect sense for my ongoing professional learning."

"AEE has provided me with a support system that is far greater than a simple association- a community of people that are making world changing differences in their communities."

"Working for a small outdoor ed nonprofit, it has been awesome to be able to connect to similar practitioners in my region through the conferences.  I also have found the webinars/professional development opportunities to be an invaluable resources. I love the research articles in the JEE, they help me to stay current on the field findings and practices."

"AEE has most impacted me by showing me that I am not alone in the work that I do; by inspiring me, showing me the world of possibility that exists in the field of experiential education."

“AEE has helped frame social justice in outdoor education and has been integral in my professional development throughout my career.”

"It is my professional home, where other professionals who share the same passion for EE can be found. AEE's focus on social justice helps keep me focused on the reasons we do the work we do. It is all about the clients and students with whom we work."

“AEE has values that embrace diversity, excellence, and interactive learning.”

"AEE has been my professional home since Grad School!"