In AEE, you are part of a dynamic community of professionals, organizations and students who believe that the core of learning is greatly enhanced by experiential practices. AEE is dedicated to supporting members in their work to create educational and societal change and broader adoption of experiential education. 

Experiential education can take place in many different settings and contexts. Dialogue and connection between individuals from different settings, perspectives and areas of professional focus is important and a core aspect of AEE.

Members represent many fields that utilize experiential education methodologies - outdoor, classroom, human service, organizational training, therapeutic and adventure settings. While use of the outdoors is not a requirement for experiential education, challenge is often achieved through activities in the outdoors. Accordingly, we recognize the value of nature and the outdoors.

AEE champions experiential education through the publication of an academic journal, hosting conferences, and by providing a way for practitioners to share research and disseminate practical applications of that research. The association is also a leader in accreditation of outdoor/adventure education programs.

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