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We hope you will join us for the Northeast Regional Conference! In a challenging year we have found our limited abilities to connect to our students, colleagues and world around us a huge loss. We are delivering our conference in a month-long format to help deepen connections within our field and support our community during these challenging times by offering opportunities to develop skills, connect with others in the field in a meaningful way, and provide some self-care and rejuvenation for you. We also want to make sure these resources are available to everyone by offering scaled payment options. We hope you will join us!

~ NERAC & Conference Committee

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Call for Proposals *deadline: February 28
Sponsorship *coming soon!

Conference Schedule

2021 NE AEE Virtual Conference At-A-Glance:

  • Keynote & Conference Kickoff: A familiar way for us to set the tone and energy for our learners to “spring” into a month of connection, inspiration, and growth.

  • Workshops: 90 minute virtual workshops taking place on the opening day, Sunday April 18th and the closing day, Monday May 17th. 

  • Cohorts: Intentionally focused, topic-based cohorts that dive deeper into their subject over the month, meeting for an hour and a half each week. Presenters will be scheduled to meet with their cohorts during a regular meeting time, the same day and time each week. Meeting times are morning, mid-day or evening and either Tuesdays or Thursdays. 

Josh Minor Dialogue Series & Conference Closing: A space held in honor of one of the elders of our work and a warm send-off for the folks who shared time together.

Keynote: Rachel Hailey

Rachel's main objective is to transform the outdoor industry into a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible space. Rachel is committed to creating an industry where anyone can experience, thrive, and lead in the out of doors no matter their circumstances, and has a focus on underserved and underrepresented communities.

Rachel has served and inspired over 100 organizations in the creation of actionable systems aligned with creating diversity, equity, and inclusion in outdoor spaces.

Rachel is a frequent writer for industry publications like Adventure Park Insider and SAM, and has given talks on DEI & Social Justice on international platforms. Outside of her endeavor to bridge the gap between racial and ethnic diversity in the outdoors and social justice, Rachel can be found hunting fairies in the woods with her daughter.

Registration *link coming soon

Your 2021 Contribution

This year, AEE NE is offering a range of pricing options for registration with access to all content regardless of what you pay.

  • $40: the cost for one registration to cover budgeted expenses at this year's virtual NE conference

  • $330: the cost for each professional, non-member registration at the 2020 3-day, in-person NE Conference at Franklin Pierce University

  • $5: the minimum cost to cover payment processing fees

  • Non-AEE members usually pay more for registration without active membership

  • Presenters and facilitators for this conference usually receive a discount.

AEE NE is dedicated to opening our learning community.

We know there are many systematic forces of exclusion at work in a typical year, even without a pandemic underway. We are moving forward with the belief that together, our community has all the resources we need to humbly remove the barriers that those forces present.

We also recognize that perspectives brought by participants coming with diverse backgrounds and identities offer much value to the field and community, yet often comes with added labor for those individuals. Systems and groups concerned with equity account for this as well.

With this in mind, we offer a registration price in the form of a spectrum as our best way to ensure access to the conference.

We trust you to consider your position and contribute as you can to this equity network to help AEE NE continue to afford to convene.


Call for Proposals *deadline: February 28!


View the Call for Proposals Template here

View the Call for Proposals PDF 

If at any point you have questions about the workshop proposal and acceptance process please send a communication to - [email protected]

Committees & Volunteering

The Northeast Regional Advisory Council (NERAC) is a team of volunteers dedicated to supporting change and growth within the realm of EE through the offerings within AEE NE. Learn more and meet NERAC here

Learn more and meet the Host Committee here

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Email us at [email protected]