Outdoor & Adventure Education Programs Professional Group

The Outdoor and Adventure Education Programs Professional Group (OAEP) aims to connect practitioners and organizations with a commonwealth of theoretical and practical information, resources, and networking opportunities. The broad umbrella of OAEP covers a variety of programs and ideas as well as being a component of the historical roots of the Association for Experiential Education.

OAEP's Goals

  • To provide a network and strengthen connections between those involved with outdoor and adventure programs
  • For Outdoor and Adventure programs around the world to have a place to express their voice in the greater OE community
  • To provide a forum for the sharing of best practices, advocacy, and enrichment through pre-conference and workshop offerings at AEE Conferences.

About Outdoor and Adventure Education Programs
The significance of participant and educator exposure to experiential learning methods and practices through outdoor and adventure programs is priceless to the promotion, acceptance and integration of experiential education into the mainstream. The experiential process of action, reflection and application is easily recognizable as a distinct method in our programming and may be a strong introduction or example to learners and teachers when presented with skill and expertise. Raising the bar of excellence in programs and facilitation is therefore paramount for experiential education’s success and the OAEP professional group serves as a platform for the continuing development of its members. Abolishing the overly simplistic slogan of “Learning by Doing” and transitioning to a more appropriate expression of action, reflection and application will lead to stronger, more precise programs in outdoor and adventure settings and beyond.

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OAEP Leadership

Shawn Moriarty Shawn has been involved in working with adults and youth in a variety of environments from the boardroom to the wilderness. He has 20 years of experience in the field of experiential education-Ropes Courses and team development, and over 25 years in residential summer camps and outdoor/environmental educational programs. He is currently serving as the YMCA Camp Director for Camp Santa Maria in CO.