AEE Networking

AEE has a number of networking communities - groups of colleagues drawn together based on common interests and shared experiences. Interacting in person and virtually, our communities encompass regions, professions and affiliations and reflect a remarkable diversity of concerns and activities. Here's what becoming part of an AEE group means to you and your fellow members:

  • Connecting and networking opportunities
  • Professional and personal development
  • Information and resources sharing
  • A sense of community and shared values

Connect with the experiential education community by posting a question on the online forum.

Regions unite members within a geographic area. Profession-based groups link members working in the same field or sector. Affiliation groups bring together members with a common interest. Use the member directory or online forum to connect with individuals from the entire AEE membership.

Rocky Mountain

Professional Groups
Emerging Professional Group
Experience-based Training & Development

Outdoor & Adventure Education
Schools & Colleges
Therapeutic Adventure (TAPG)
Women's Professional Group

Affiliation Groups
Canadian Group
International Group
Natives, Africans, Asians, Latino(a)s, & Allies
Old Folks & Allies
Student Group