Intervention in Adventure Therapy: Facilitation Skills

The broad topic of intervention is divided into two sections in this document. This section describes facilitation skills used to enhance the effectiveness of treatment. It explores how the practitioner works throughout the therapeutic process and asserts that the intentional use of these skills critically impacts adventure therapy programming. The Adventure Activities section describes various activities used in adventure therapy, reasons for using them, and practitioner guidelines for using them.

The specific interventions selected and the method of facilitating the process for any particular treatment population is based on the assessment of client needs and existing conditions in the treatment setting. This section articulates how intentional practitioner choices regarding the following components impact the therapeutic process:

Decisions on topics ranging from the choice of activity, the choice of intervention strategy, creating the ideal treatment environment, treatment skills of the facilitator, and methods to process experiences are discussed. The intentional choice of the activity involves both decisions about what activity to employ and how that activity will be presented and facilitated.