Going High When Others Go Low: How Educators Can Promote “Courageous Compassion”

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Presented by: Marilyn Levin, MSW

Webinar Description:

Society is currently caught up in a high level of divisiveness that hampers people’s ability to work together in all kinds of arenas, including education. Join Marilyn Levin, Author of Experiential Activities for a Better World (in English and Spanish) and founder of the We Go High Project for dynamic presentation with tangible take-aways focused on:

  1. What are the most useful tools from the fields of whole-systems change, healing, transformation and spirituality when it comes to addressing divisiveness in society? How do we, as experiential educators, break through the gridlock to solve our biggest challenges?
  2. How does understanding that it is the time of “collective leadership and courage” rather than the time of global leaders of the past like Gandhi and Martin Luther King impact how we behave as experiential educators? How do we effectively inspire people to choose everyday interactions that are unifying instead of divisive.

Presenter Bio:
Marilyn Levin, MSW is proud to be a long time AEE member/leader and Karl Rhonke Creativity award winner.  She is a social entrepreneur focused on whole system collaborative Innovation.  She is an award winning activist, a professional speaker and trainer and the author of Experiential Activities for a Better World.  She founded several organizations and served as Campaign Director for Four Years Go www.fouryearsgo.org. She currently serves as Managing Director of KINS Innovation Networks www.kinsinnovation.org in collaboration with www.centerforsustainabilitysolutions.org.