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AEE has created a professional development hub so you can continue to grow yourself and your team.  Here you can partake in training sessions led by industry specialists excited to share their inside knowledge and know-how!  We want to provide educators with an opportunity to continue to push themselves in their education, so that they can bring even more experience and value to their students and clients.  AEE now also offers a catalog of complimentary and paid webinars, providing you with a great deal right off the bat!  And we’re only getting started - more webinars are being added every month!

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CRM Webinar Series

Length: 5 Modules + 2 Demo Videos (over 4 hours of content!)
Cost: $297 (non-members) / $147 (members)
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The Community Resilience Model (CRM) is a set of six wellness-based skills specifically designed to reset the natural balance of the nervous system after traumatic events or chronic stress/anxiety have led to physiological dysregulation. Based on the neuroscience of trauma, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the biology of brain resiliency, participants of this webinar series will learn about the brain’s “resilient zone,” and take an in-depth looks at how to apply these skills of self-regulation to return to “the zone” when activated. Straightforward, practical and easily taught, CRM skills can be applied and utilized in all types of experiential programming, including schools. They can also be used as a powerful tool for self-care.

Specific CRM skills to be taught in the webinar series include 1) Tracking of body sensations and teaching the identification of positive, negative, and neutral sensation, 2) Resourcing to shift towards well-being and interrupt the trauma response, 3) Grounding, using concrete contact to being oneself into the present moment, 4) Help Now, to return to resilience at times of heightened activation, and 6) Shift and Stay, to develop awareness and trust in our ability to shift to a state of resilience when activated. Demonstration videos show how the skills can be taught to others, as well as woven into conversations.

It is important to also highlight that the focus on CRM is on self-regulation, resilience, and wellness. While creating shifts in the nervous system in these directions is at the core of trauma informed care, talking about or processing any primary trauma is de-emphasized and is not part of the model. Given that, CRM is appropriate for non-clinical staff and professionals in all settings as the CRM skills are easily used “in the moment.”

Presenter Bio:
Sandy Newes, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist with over 20 years of experience integrating therapeutic models and techniques into experiential settings.   A long-standing member of AEE, Sandy is a Past Chair of TAPG and co-facilitates Clinical First Responder (CFR) trainings for staff in therapeutic programs and outdoor leaders.  A firm believer in integrating body-based and experiential approaches into psychotherapy, in her practice Sandy specializes in anxiety, trauma, and stress and offers psychotherapy neurofeedback, assessment, program consultation, and training.  She is a certified trainer of the Community Resilience Model (CRM), and also certified in the Trauma Resilience Model (TRM).

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