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The AEE Board of Directors has 11 member positions: six officers and five general members. We have two general board members whose term ends November 2023 at the annual conference. The Member at Large position is a three-year term. Both positions this year will be appointed by the board, and will commence at the 51st Annual International Conference being held in Madison, WI (USA).

In addition, two officer positions will be filled, to commence at the 51st Annual International Conference.

The Treasurer position is a four-year term, to be appointed by the board. 

The President elect is a four-year term, to be voted on by the membership.

If you have any questions, please email Sherry Bagley, or one of the Board Development Committee co-chairs, Tom Shorrock at and Abby Oxborough at

2023 Nominations closed July 23.

The member vote will open August 10 and close August 28 at midnight EST. Members must be logged in to access.

"Every board member that I have connected to over the past 5 years has taught me more about myself, about group processes and has built my confidence. I really value those relationships and learnings." -Lise, past AEE Board Member

"I've enjoyed working with board members and connecting with AEE friends all over the world since 2018. I joined to serve the amazing organization I love, and to connect with experiential educators and practitioners all over the world.” - Trevor, past AEE Board Member

"Being on the AEE board was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life." - Brian, past AEE Board Member

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Meet the 2023 Board of Directors

What does the Board do?

  1. Refine the long-term visioning for the association
  2. Monitor the association’s performance in achieving its strategic goals
  3. Monitor AEE’s financial performance
  4. Monitor the performance of the AEE Executive Director
  5. Develop an Annual Agenda that is strategic and helps the board confirm whether the Ends Statements are appropriate and/or needs revising
  1. Speak with one voice
  2. Attend two in-person (or virtual) board meetings per year (International Conference, Spring/Summer)
  3. Participate in monthly video conferences

Who should consider running for the Board of Directors?

  1. Individuals who are committed to furthering experiential education
  2. Individuals who are passionate about sharing that commitment with others
  3. Individuals who have held past volunteer leadership positions within AEE
  4. Individuals who have the time to commit to monthly video conferences and monitoring work, and two additional annual in-person or virtual meetings
  1. Individuals who have leadership experience