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AEE Partners

AEE is proud to partner with a variety of programs, organizations, and businesses around the world who share in our mission & vision. Our membership partners offer the AEE community unique discounts and select access to their programs, resources, trainings, and conferences. AEE also provides opportunities for you to advertise or sponsor throughout the year. Click the link below to learn more and inquire.

Sponsor the AEE 2021 International Conference!


NOLS - National Outdoor Leadership School

Risk Management Training Discounts

AEE Members receive a 10% registration discount on NOLS risk management training seminars, geared to helping program managers develop sound risk management practices in their outdoor programs. This is a great course for programs that are preparing for accreditation, anticipating the re-accreditation process or desiring new perspectives and tools for risk management in their organization from a system-wide approach. Code Located in Member Resource Library.

Project Adventure

AEE Members get 10% off on Professional Development Workshops! Code Located in the Member Resource Library.

"We understand the diverse needs of the faculty, staff, and community members you work with every day, so we take the time to work with you to design a program that can be personalized to align with your school or organization's strategic plan. Our single day, multi-day or year-long programs allow participants to develop a growth mindset to create lasting change in the communities they serve. Because of this level of personalization, programs can either take place at our site in Beverly, MA, or at yours."

The Gap Year Association’s mission is to maximize the potential of young adults through accessible and meaningful gap year opportunities. Our vision is a semester of gap year time, with access to college credit & financial aid, for every high school graduate. GYA is the only national nonprofit working to coordinate the growing Gap Year Movement. As a public benefit not-for-profit Association with members, we believe that all intentional gap years have significant and positive practical outcomes, whether independent or as part of a formal program. The GYA focuses on four core areas: Research, Equity & Access, Resources, and finally Standards & Accreditation. The Gap Year Association is the Standards Development Organization for gap year education in the United States, as recognized by the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

AEE Members get a 10% discount on GYA Annual Conferences!

AEE Members receive 40% off on the Behavioral First Responder Certification Course from Alpenglow Education! Code located in the Member Resource Library.

"The Behavioral First Responder course is designed for instructors, administrators, and counselors of all varieties that want to gain understanding in common behavioral issues and useful responses within the experiential education context. Our course will teach you overarching theories, models, and techniques borrowed from the fields of social work, counseling, and psychology to help you understand why a student is demonstrating a particular behavior, as well as some useful techniques that well help the student through their difficult moment."


Have FUNN with 80+ Virtual Experiential Activities *AEE Members save 30% on ANY annual plan!

Mark Collard is based in Melbourne Australia and is one of our many international members. He attended his first AEE conference in 1990 and his company playmeo was a major sponsor of the 2018 AEE annual conference in Florida. playmeo is best known for having developed the largest searchable online database of experiential group games & activities in the world.

Access 80+ Virtual Connection Activities

playmeo's database now features dozens of our favourite experiential activities which have been adapted to suit a virtual setting from highly-interactive ice-breakers to complex team-building exercises. More virtual activities are uploaded every week. Become a playmeo member today and access every one of these virtual adaptations. Exclusive Offer: AEE members save 30% on ANY annual plan when you use the discount coupon located in the Member Resource Library at checkout.

ps: in case you think that's a typo, it represents the term Functional Understanding Not Necessary – a whimsical acronym Karl Rohnke created many years ago to mean you don't have to understand what's going on to have a fun time.

Do you get asked for your opinion on different products and brands? Are you passionate about your hobbies, side projects or even your job? You’re our kind of expert, and we want to reward your expertise by pairing you with the world’s top brands.

ExpertVoice is a community of more than 1 million experts who are passionate and experienced in their field. They give recommendations, share advice, and discuss their favorite brands and products. ExpertVoice connects these vetted experts with brands to test new products, enjoy exclusive discounts, and provide authentic feedback.

We're thrilled to have an AEE affiliation team that all AEE members can join to access ExpertVoice benefits! AEE Affiliation Instructions located in the Member Resource Library.

AEE is excited to partner with College Outside, a pro deal site built exclusively for outdoor education. Through your free College Outside membership, AEE members* can purchase deeply discounted gear for your programs, and even provide individual pro deals to your leaders! Members get $20 off your first order.

Why AEE members love College Outside
  • Discounts that are as good (& sometimes better than!) purchasing from a brand directly
  • A streamlined order process built with group purchasing in mind
  • Expert advice on product suggestions, availability, and processing from the CO staff
  • Pro deal accounts for members of your program too!

*for organizations with a U.S. mailing address only

The Experiential Leadership Institute

AEE is thrilled to partner with the Experiential Leadership Institute, an organization based in India offering courses that bring to attention the outcomes from cutting-edge work from the fields of Brain-body research, Outdoor and Adventure education, Behavioural sciences, Community building, Conflict management, Peace studies and Experiential practices in education. 



Call : Vishwas Parchure: +91 9096000121 Write to :

"All the courses we offer are an attempt to raise the possibility in the minds of educators (teachers, trainers, facilitators, people working with people) that the process of teaching and learning can be exciting, fun, kinaesthetic and meaningful."

AEE is proud to partner with & IncidentAnalytix. has been providing information and resources to the professional outdoor education community since 2001.

AEE IncidentAnalytix® Discount IncidentAnalytix is a cloud-based system developed specifically for the outdoor education industry to track and analyze incident and close call data. AEE is excited to announce that organizational members can purchase licenses for the IncidentAnalytix® Public Cloud at a 10% discount per User License. Accredited AEE Organizations will receive a 25% discount per User License. These discounts are on top of the standard discounts for volume license purchases. 

AEE is working with a number of outdoor education providers and IncidentAnalytix to create recommendations for incident data collection in our field. By having organizations collect a common minimum set of data, we look forward to being able to analyze the data collected to improve risk management practices in the fields of adventure education and outdoor behavioral healthcare. More information is about IncidentAnalytix available at

AEE is proud to partner with Experiential Consulting, LLC to offer AEE Members an exclusive discount on the new book: Beneficial Risks: The Evolution and Risk Management for Outdoor and Experiential Education Programs

The mission of Experiential Consulting, LLC is to empower outdoor programs with guidance, resources, and strategies to align their risk management systems with their organizational mission, values, and culture. Experiential Consulting, LLC supports the risk-management efforts of mission-driven programs that have a positive impact on their participants, staff, and communities. 

AEE is proud to partner with Viristar! AEE Members receive a 10% discount on Risk Management for Outdoor Programs trainings. Members: use discount code located in the AEE Member Resource Library, and learn more or enroll here.

Viristar’s Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training is an online, certificated 40-hour course in safety management for experiential, adventure, wilderness, travel and outdoor programs. This acclaimed course provides essential knowledge for program managers to successfully manage risk to best practice standards. Courses are offered each month; topics include legal considerations, staff, equipment management, emergency response, media relations, accreditation, incident reviews, systems thinking, and much more.

Viristar provides consulting and training services, including risk management training, safety audits (risk management reviews), and incident reviews, to experiential education and related organizations around the world. Viristar has provided its acclaimed risk management trainings for experiential education program providers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Greece, Singapore, Slovakia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Australia. Learn more at

Kikori is an app for educators that provides them with team building activities that teach academics AND social emotional skills. Activities are aligned with social emotional learning standards, 21st century skills and Sustainable Development Goals so they can be easily incorporated into any group and meet participants’ unique needs. Through this app, teachers are able to search for the exact activity they need to help their students talk about their feelings and build trust - and we are now offering activities that can be done virtually and with physical distancing. Our secret sauce is experiential education - a universal way to help students connect with others, build self-awareness, and gain insight into their special strengths.

With the Kikori App, educators can…
  • Explore hundreds of activities aligned with SEL standards and 21st Century Skills - that can be led in the classroom, virtually and while physical distancing
  • Organize and save favorite activities and custom playlists of activities based on unique classroom needs that can be shared with other educators in your school
  • Filter for activities based on activity type, outcome, grade level, materials available, energy level and so much more!
  • Create their own activities based on collaborative planning and content-based needs

AEE Members: Kikori is offering a free premium membership for Individual Members and 50% off of their Institutional Package for Organizational/Accredited Members! Offer expires Oct 31, 2021. Find the discount code & instructions in the AEE Resource Library!