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The Heartland Region includes the following states and provinces:

Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

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Regional Council Chair: Emily Peffer



Welcome Emily Peffer!

We are so excited to be welcoming Emily Peffer as the new AEE Heartland Regional Council Chairperson!

Emily is excited to be reenergizing her own connection with the AEE community which has had a presence in her professional life since college. While she has had her own peaks and valleys of involvement with AEE over the years, every time she reconnects with the greater AEE community she feels the value all over again. She is happy to support AEE and the Heartland Region specifically and furthermore hopes to encourage others in the Heartland to feel that value too. She's also looking forward to learning from the countless incredible people in this amazing region! Welcome Emily!

Thank You, Hannah Kelling!

We just want to take a moment to express our deep gratitude for the amazing commitment and support that Hannah Kelling has shown for the AEE Heartland Region this past year. As the Regional Chair Hannah brought immense positivity, leadership, creativity and a welcoming spirit to everyone that she connected with. We are sad to see her go but are excited to see what new adventures are on her horizon!


 Thank You for Joining us at the 2020 Heartland Region Conference!


See you next year from April 9-11 at Bethel Horizons Retreat Center in Dodgeville, WI!

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