Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist (CCAT) Application & Documents


Link to Application Form*You can press "Save" to return to the application form if you can not complete it in one sitting. 
This is a link to the Outline of the AEE Certified Adventure Therapist Application Process 
This is a link to the CCAT Training Record Worksheet a resource to help you fill out part of the application
This is a link to Past Trainings offered by TAPG to use as a reference when filling out the application form.

Certification Criteria

AEE CCAT Certification Criteria

Certification Frequently Asked Questions

CCAT FAQ Document

Certification Credentialing Manual and Fees

AEE Certification Credentialing Manual
Certification Fee Structure

Certification Council Handbook and Application Form

Certification Council Handbook
Certification Council Member Position Description
Certification Council Application

Complaints about Certificate Holders

Responding to Complaints about Certificate Holders

Form to Document AT Training Hours for Application or Recertification

CCAT Training Verification Form

Core Elements of AT Training Reference List

QR Code Poster for CCAT Trainers