AEE Accredited Programs

Why Should I Choose an Accredited Program?

Browse the current roster of Accredited Programs by category. Programs are listed alphabetically within each category, with the date of initial accreditation provided. Attaining accredited status through the AEE Accreditation Program is solid evidence of an organization’s commitment to quality and safety, belief in professional standards, and allocation of resources toward continued excellence and improvement.

Programs that achieve AEE Accredited status can be confident that they meet or exceed recognized industry standards. 

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Wilderness / Adventure Programs 


Boojum Institute For Experiential Education: 5/19/2006


Camp Joy: 12/20/2011 


 Deer Hill Expeditions: 11/1/2001



The Hanifl Centre: 04/21/2020



International Wilderness Leadership School: 11/5/2008


Kroka Expeditions: 10/31/2013


National Outdoor Leadership School: 2/9/1995


Nature's Classroom: 11/1/2006


National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education: 10/20/2015

Onward and Upward: 12/20/2017


Outward Bound Hong Kong: 11/2/2011

The Outdoor Education Group: 06/21/2019


Pali Institute: 11/6/2007  


Pathfinder Outdoor Education Inc.: 11/9/1998


Philadelphia Outward Bound School: 8/31/2017

Princeton-Blairstown Center: 2019


The Mountain Center: 11/2/2000


Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries: 11/1/2006

University & College Programs


Brown University - Outdoor Leadership Training: 5/10/1998

CSUN Recreation and Tourism Management 

California State University, NorthRidge-  Recreation and Tourism Management: 5/18/2018


Greenfield Community College - Outdoor Leadership Program: 11/9/1998 


Harvard University - First-year Outdoor Program: 11/2/2000

New England College - Outdoor Program: 01/16/2019

Outdoor Recreation and Education Program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro: 01/23/2010


Prescott College: 5/23/1997


Sterling College: 5/18/2007


University of New Hampshire - Outdoor Education, Brown Center for Innovative Leadership,
and Outdoor Adventures:  8/1/1996


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - The Carolina Outdoor Education Center  11/7/2002


Utah Valley University - Outdoor Recreation Management Degree Program:  4/3/2012

K-12 Programs


Chadwick School - Outdoor Education: 8/2/1996 

Chadwick International - Outdoor Education: 1/3/2019


Colorado Rocky Mountain School: 5/12/2003


Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center: 5/20/2005


French Broad River Academy: 8/30/2013


Santa Barbara Middle School : 5/12/2003


Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School: 11/1/2012


The Link School: 2/24/2010

Therapeutic Programs


 ANASAZI Foundation:  4/9/2015

Aspiro Logo

Aspiro:  9/4/2015


Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness: 5/20/2005

 Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center: 2/29/1996



Elements Wilderness Program:  7/17/2015 

Evoke at Entrada: 9/4/2015


Inner Harbor Hospitals Ltd. (Youth Villages):  10/28/1999

Legacy Outdoor Adventures: 5/13/2016

New Directions Youth and Family Services: 5/21/2004


New Summit Academy: 08/21/2019

Deschutes Wilderness Therapy: 1/22/2016

New Vision Wilderness Wisconsin: 03/20/2019

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy: 11/5/2014

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions: 7/18/2016


Pure Life Adventures: 08/21/2019

RedCliff Ascent: 9/4/2015

Red Top Meadows Teton Youth & Family Services: 10/28/1999

Second Nature Uintas: 02/21/2019

Summit Achievement: 2/25/2015

SUWS of the Carolinas: 1/22/2016

Trails Carolina: 04/01/2017

Wendigo Lake Expeditions Inc./Project D.A.R.E.: 11/12/2003

Wingate Wilderness Therapy: 02/21/2018

Corporate Team Building & Training


Project Adventure:  2/10/1995