AEE Southeast Region 

The 2021 Southeast Regional Conference

February 19-20 / Virtual

Reimagining Experiential Education

Experiential educators are no stranger to uncertainty and change. We frequently ask our participants to step outside of their comfort zones and take on new ventures while challenging assumptions in the name of self-discovery. Difficult and adverse times such as the ones we are now facing, also offer wonderful opportunities for reflection and renewal as we reimagine new methods of achieving the mission of experiential education.  As such, the AEE Southeast 2021 conference theme is Reimagining Experiential Education. How have our programs, classrooms, offices, and outdoor spaces changed? What assumptions have been challenged about navigating life? How might we adapt and thrive as we move forward? 

• All sessions have an interactive component!
• This is not a conference to sign up for if you want to sit idly while someone else talks for an hour (like the 100s of recordings you have saved to watch later), in fact you will need to be present in the session to fully learn from the experience.
• After each of the workshops, we will leave the Zoom room open for people to chat about what they just learned and how you might apply it.
• We have tried to incorporate the lessons learned from the international conference to create what we hope will be an engerzing and life-giving time to connect with your colleagues.

Thank you for your dedication to experiential education!

~Southeast Regional Council and Conference Committee

Thank you to our Sponsors!


Call for Proposals 

Conference Schedule *schedule subject to change. 

Friday, 2/19 

Let's Imagine Reimagining How We Imagine!
"Look people...things are more VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) than ever and we have some serious problem solving to do. We need to let go of whatever limitations we thought we had and get crazy creative. During this opening session, you are invited to kick off your shoes, make some new friends, build a few ducks and see if they float. Together, we will face down problems (both real and imagined...and reimagined) in order to train our minds for whatever comes next. Please join us...our future might just depend on it!" -Dan Miller

Saturday, 2/20

Angie is a wonderful graphic facilitator and someone many have found incredibly inspiring during the pandemic. Angie has titled her session: “What draws us …?”
Angie Moline, Ph.D. (she/her) uses her drawing and facilitation skills to help groups solve complex problems and work more creatively. Angie has energetically mapped, graphed, sketched, doodled, and drawn her way through studies in ecology, engineering, and art. She has served as a university environmental science professor, experiential education program director, and group facilitator for the past fifteen years.

Pre-Conference Events

Connection Before Content, with Jim Cain and the SE AEE Regional Conference Planning Committee
Thursday, 2/4 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST
About the Pre-Conference Event
Join Jim Cain (a teambuilding guru in both the real-world and the virtual one) and the members of the SE AEE Regional Conference Planning Committee for a preview of the upcoming SE AEE regional conference and  a pre-conference opportunity to connect with other teachers, trainers, facilitators and group leaders of all kinds, virtually.
About Jim


Teambuilding Guru Dr. Jim Cain is the author of more than 20 books filled with team and community building activities from around the world.  In 2020, he published four new books, including:  The Learning Curve (navigating the transition from facilitating in the real world to facilitating in a virtual one), Rise Again (his first novel), Extraordinary Facilitation (Insights from half a century of working and playing with groups) and The Dutchman’s Rope (a new teambuilding rope for maintaining physical distance).  His real-world in-person workshops are legendary and he is getting better at the virtual stuff with each passing day.

Experiential Online Activities with Virtual Climer Cards

Thursday, 2/11 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST

About the Pre-Conference Event
Activity cards and reflection cards have been popular tools for experiential educators for decades. Using them virtually hasn’t been easy… until now. The new Virtual Climer Card app allows facilitators to use images in countless ways to help groups connect with each other, engage in deeper conversation, and play games. In this fast-paced workshop, learn how to use Virtual Climer Cards, We Connect Cards, and other reflection cards in a virtual setting. You’ll also get to develop new activities and get a list of all those activities afterwards. Bonus: If you are facilitating at the conference you can use Virtual Climer Cards for free in your workshop. 

About Amy

Amy Climer focuses on helping individuals and teams reach their capacity to be creative. Since 1995 she has worked with hundreds of groups teaching creativity, leadership and change, team development, and facilitation skills. She is the designer of Climer Cards, a tool used to evoke metaphors and generate ideas. She hosts The Deliberate Creative, a podcast designed to teach others how to lead innovation in teams. She has a PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. In 2016, she received the Karl Rohnke Creativity Award from the Association for Experiential Education. Learn more about Amy at

Southeast Conference Registration 

This year, AEE Southeast will offer a 'pay what you can' pricing structure. To act on our values, we have decided that every attendee, regardless of registration price point, will receive the exact same level of access to content, education sessions, recorded sessions, networking events, keynotes, and more.

As a membership organization, we are fully dedicated to supporting you, our community. We have taken into consideration financial and economic situations during this time, and have therefore decided that offering an open-ended registration rate is the best way to ensure that this conference is as accessible as possible to all. This conference will cost AEE approximately $40 per person to run this event. Please consider that all proceeds will go directly to support AEE and our future programming and community resources. 

Registration Deadline: February 15 @ Midnight EST *questions? email [email protected]

What to expect after registering: 3 days before the conference begins, you'll receive access to the back end of the conference platform where you can customize your schedule and explore conference offerings. In the meantime, please check the Southeast website page for the most up-to-date conference information! To contact us, email [email protected] or send us a Facebook message! If you have questions about your registration, please email [email protected] Your invoice receipt will be sent separately.



Join the Connection Expo!

As a 2021 AEE Southeast Conference Sponsor, your organization gains exposure to the influential, diverse community of Experiential Educators. Partnering demonstrates your alignment with AEE’s goals: to connect people in the field of EE, to grow their skills and resources, and to expand the global capacity for experiential education and learning. By participating in our Connection Expo, you'll connect with a community of passionate facilitators, educators, and practitioners.

What is a Connection Expo?

It is a virtual space for you and your organization to connect with attendees and share what you do (our version of an Exhibit Hall!)  

We want to create a space where you can meet our incredible community and where they can meet you.

How will we do this?

We are providing an accessible conference platform on which you can customize your virtual booth with marketing materials (PDFs, videos, photos, forms) and make them available to attendees 24/7. You will have an exhibitor booth that attendees can click on to view more details, contact your staff, and interact with your materials, videos, program guides, and more. All of this can happen from the comfort and safety of your own home. You don't have to worry about travel or the logistics of sending staff to the conference and so it is a cost savings for you. See the full list of benefits below.

Challenge - Bronze $250 
Leadership - Silver $500 
Transformative - Gold $800 
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*deadline: February 15 @ Midnight EST

Your Southeast 2021 Council and Conference Committee

To contact us, email [email protected] or send us a Facebook message! 

Michael Misenheimer, Eric Starkweather, Callie Auman, TJ Beezley, Deidra Goodwin, Sara McDaniel 

State Ambassador Coordinator: Brad Daniel 

State Ambassadors: Bo Wolfe (AL), Liz Speelman & Victor Morales (GA), Nic Caswell (KY), Meghan DeWitt (NC), John Talaber (SC), Terry Silver (TN) 

Workshops: Daniel Cape, Josh Orphanidys, Renee Roark, David Rogers (To contact us, email [email protected])

The Southeast Region includes the following states:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

Our Professional Association: Association for Experiential Education (AEE)

Vision: We believe learning through experience positively transforms people and our world.
Mission: AEE promotes and expands the global capacity of experiential learning.

AEE is a nonprofit professional membership association organized to bring people together from around the globe to celebrate experiential learning. It is divided into 8 different regions spanning the United States. 

AEE offers a variety of services to help expand and enrich the experiential education community, including regional and annual conferences, defining professional standards, providing accreditation to organizations, and presenting the latest news and research through AEE E-news and the Journal of Experiential EducationLearn more about us here.

Rebecca L. Carver ABC's Award
Rebecca Carver was a dedicated and passionate experiential educator. She lost her life to cancer at a very young age but her passion for experiential learning lives on in the students she inspired during her life. Rebecca's work introduced the concept of the ABC's of Experiential Education. Rebecca viewed inspiring Agency, Belonging, and Competence as critical dimensions of the work of experiential educators. 

View more about this award!

Agency - represents the developing of students' personal agency - allowing individuals to become more powerful change agents in their lives and communities; increasing individuals' recognition and appreciation of the extent to which the locus of control for their lives is within themselves, and enabling them to use this as a source of power to generate activity.

Belonging - refers to developing and maintaining a community in which individuals share a sense of belonging - see themselves as members with rights and responsibilities, power and vulnerability; and learn to act responsibly, considering the best interests of themselves, other individuals and the group as a whole.

Competence - refers to the development of individual competence in a wide variety of areas (cognitive, physical, musical, social, etc.). Developing competence means learning skills, acquiring knowledge and attaining the ability to apply what is learned.
The Rebecca L. Carver Award is presented to an individual who actively promotes Agency, Belonging and Competence through her/his work in Experiential Education.

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