AEE Clearinghouse Information Project (CHIP)

What is CHIP?

The Clearinghouse Information Project or CHIP is a collaborative effort of several dozen volunteer experts who have volunteered their time and knowledge from within the experiential education (EE) community.  As a guest editor, each expert has voluntarily worked with the project editor to create a one-page summary of an important topic and a list of further resources to support that topic summary.  

This project does not claim to be a comprehensive, global or complete picture of every aspect of Experiential Education (EE). This project is entirely volunteer-driven, and each one-page summary and the supporting further resources have been written and curated by individuals who have contributed to each topic. We know this does not include all voices and stories in the EE community, and if you wish to offer a topic of contribution for this project, or if you have feedback or would like to request changes, please contact us. This is an evolving body of work intended for future community collaboration.

The important topics include:

  • answers to four questions consumers might ask before purchasing an EE program,
  • answers to eight questions frequently asked about EE by the general public, and
  • dozens of answers for new EE providers wishing to excel in their future programming.

Each one-page summary outlines the topic and presents key evidence, opinion by the volunteer author(s), and sustaining content regarding that topic.  The list of further resources includes recommended items to consult in order to gain a better understanding beyond the summary, such as reading books or articles and looking at websites or videos.

As a reader, if a summary resonates with you, then the list of further resources will steer you toward additional understanding.  If you appreciate this free information, then please consider joining us as an AEE member, volunteering on future projects (as these experts often do), or donating to the EE community. 

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Answers to consumers' most important questions: IS EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION...
For the general public: Answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
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topic in progress

For New Experiential Education Programs or Providers: HOW TO...