2024 Pre-Conference Events

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Pre-Conference sessions (Extended Education) take place prior to the start of the 2024 International Conference, and are in-depth workshops, activities and excursions that provide an expanded opportunity for professional development.

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The LGBTQ Outdoor Summit

Nov. 12th & 13th, 2024 in Estes Park, Colorado

The LGBTQ Outdoor Summit is BACK for 2024, bringing together LGBTQ outdoor and environmental professionals and allies to boost LGBTQ representation and inclusion outdoors! Our 5th summit will be hosted at the Estes Park YMCA on November 12th and 13th, 2024. It’s a chance to deepen community connections, learn from one another, and enjoy outdoor exploration together. Attendees are encouraged to stick around for the Association of Experiential Education international conference!

TAPG Pre-Conference: Preparing the Guide to Elevate

TAPG LogoNov. 12th & 13th, 2024 in Estes Park, Colorado

About this Pre-Conference: This conference aims to encapsulate an immersive journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement for adventure and wilderness therapy professionals aimed at elevating their participants' experiences. Through interactive workshops and experiential training, participants will delve into the intricacies of effective leadership development, risk management strategies, and therapeutic intervention integration. This Pre-Conference aims at Preparing the Guide to Elevate their participants' journeys, fostering connections, facilitation transformative growth, and ensuring safe and enriching adventures in the nature that surrounds us.

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions to the conference convener, Marlene 'Marl' Reinert, directly at TAPG@aee.org 

NOLS Risk Management for Administrators

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Nov. 12th & 13th, 2024 | 8am- 5pm | in Estes Park, Colorado

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Questions? Email risk_services@nols.edu

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Whether your program is small or large, wilderness-based or study abroad, you have a responsibility to your staff and participants to invest in risk management planning. Building a comprehensive risk management plan can feel daunting. Our goal is to provide you with a structured approach and tools to build a risk management plan appropriate for your organization. At NOLS, we've spent more than 55 years managing risk in wilderness environments around the world, and we're always learning. Join us to connect and share your valuable experience with peer programs, and let us share our experience and lessons learned with you. 

In this training for outdoor professionals and program administrators, you will build an action plan to improve your organization's risk management practices. Instructors will help you identify your program's strengths and areas for growth. You will also learn a framework for designing risk management systems that meet the unique needs of your program.

If you oversee a program that takes people off the beaten path, you are a good candidate for this course.

viristarViristar Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training

November 6 - December 4, 2024 (online)

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The Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training by Viristar is a comprehensive, 40-hour online course that provides a systems-based approach to understanding why incidents occur and how they may be prevented. The course takes place over four weeks.

Topics include human factors in incident causation, systems thinking, legal considerations, safety standards, emergency response, risk management planning, and more.

The course has weekly Zoom calls with independent work in between. Participants review outdoor risk management models, learn best safety practices, develop a Risk Management Plan outline, complete a mock Risk Management Review, and develop a Strategic Improvement Plan for their organization.

 Participants from over 60 countries on six continents have completed the training, which has been called "the most comprehensive and well-developed outdoor safety training available." Details are at courses.viristar.com 


  • Do I need to register for the International Conference in order to attend a pre-conference event? No! You are able to register and attend pre-con events without having to purchase a ticket or attend the entire International Conference.
  • Does the International Conference registration cover the costs of pre-conferences? No. You will need to register separately for pre-conference events.
  • Can I get CEUs from pre-conference events? This depends on the individual event. Each event is different and you'll need to check out the specific event details.
  • Are meals or lodging included? No. Please find lodging & meal information here
  • How do I get to the YMCA? Please find transportation information, site information & more here
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