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AEE Podcast Advertisement

AEE Podcast Advertisement


AEE Podcast Advertising Includes:

  • Recorded advertisements in one episode (average of 300 listeners/month)
    • Pre-Roll: Company mention in first 10 seconds of the podcast. Example: Welcome to episode X of It's In the Experience. This episode is sponsored by X.
    • Mid-Roll: Advertisement reserved in the middle of the episode to promote your company/program. Audio provided by advertiser, or professionally recorded by our production team at no additional cost.
      • Spec: 90 words or less | voiceover or host-read
    • Post-Roll: Company mention in last 10 seconds of podcast. Example: 'Again, we'd like to thank our sponsor, X, for their support of today's podcast. Be sure to visit them at URL for more information'
  • Recognition alongside episode promotion
    • Social media shout-out alongside episode announcement (20,000+ followers)
    • E-Newsletter shout-out alongside episode announcement (8,000+ contacts, average open rate of 49% average CTR of 7.3%) (E-newsletters for the podcast are sent on the second Tuesday of each month)
    • Website recognition (logo, link next to episode listing)

Cost: $350 Member | $450 Non-member per month

About the Podcast

The Association for Experiential Education brings you It’s in the Experience – a podcast series produced by AEE featuring the varied voices of those using experiential education principles and methods.

During each 30-minute episode, two guests from different professions, or backgrounds, or geographic locations or something else all together; will answer questions posed by the host, Sherry Bagley. Each episode will dig into the things the guests have in common and the things setting their programs apart. This conversational podcast offers an engaging and often humorous journey to learn about experiential education in its many forms and uses.

Non-Member Price: $450
Member Price: $350

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