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Conference Co-Conveners

The Conference Conveners serve as chairpersons of the Host Committee. They are the lead facilitators of the entire conference planning and management process.

Dan Dunne headshotDan Dunne


What do you do outside of your AEE volunteer role? 
I am the Outdoor UW Program Manager at the Wisconsin Union -  I work with Outdoor UW housed within the historic Memorial Union. In my day-to-day work, I aim to create leadership and skill-developing educational offerings, provide customized private group experiences, and seek out new opportunities to bring students and the UW campus community into the outdoors. I support the business operations and oversee the year-round outdoor rental operations at the Wisconsin Union.  
What's your history with AEE? 
I attended my first AEE conference in 2022 and was excited to soak up all things outdoor experiential education. I was impressed by the scope of the conference, the passionate members, and the knowledge and expertise that was represented by conference attendees. I can't wait to introduce this amazing group of exceptionally talented facilitators to the students at UW-Madison. My hope is that spending a few days around AEE members will pay dividends for Hoofers* Student Leaders and result in the upgrading of their group facilitation skills for years to come! (*Hoofers are what we call the 6 outdoor student-governed clubs that Outdoor UW supports)
Why are you excited about hosting the conference in Madison?
I really think the town of Madison has a lot to offer at the 2023 AEE conference. We are situated on an isthmus (which is a narrow strip of land between two lakes) and because of this, there are a lot of offerings packed into a small area. Some of the offerings (besides the conference) that attendees can engage with while here are great restaurants and bars, a free art museum, the state capital, miles of lakefront trail, hiking in the lakeshore nature preserve, and of course all the energy and activity of a big college campus. We are sure everyone will find something to love about Madison and we are excited to show you why we love it here. 
Can you tell us about a moment, memory or lesson learned at an AEE Conference that has stuck with you?
I loved the ActivatEE session this past year. It was so cool to see everyone in that main room smiling, sharing, and welcoming new attendees to the conference during that opening session. It was from that session forward that I knew the AEE attendee population are the types of folks I want to welcome to our campus. 
Top recommendation in Madison?
There are so many great things to discover here and I have only scratched the surface, but Batch Bakery so far is one of my favorite places to get a croissant or sweet pastry.
When you aren't working or volunteering, we can probably find you...

I usually am at home, baking sourdough, fermenting things, or hanging out with my chickens. 

Mo Kappes
What do you do outside of your AEE volunteer role? 
I am the Assistant Director of Experiential Education at Recreation & Wellbeing at the University of WI-Madison.  We are currently in the process of figuring out what I do!  The vision is that I will work to broaden the use of experiential education pedagogy at UW—promoting our ropes course and climbing wall, working in collaboration with Outdoor UW (where Dan works), and expanding into other units—collaborating with Kinesiology and their PE Teacher program, Leadership @ UW, and so on.
What's your history with AEE? 
My first conference was in November 1995 in Lake Geneva, WI and I have been attending ever since!  I currently serve on the Heartland Regional Council, the Social Justice Task Force, and as a conference workshop reviewer.  AEE is my professional home and I am committed to serving and promoting the work this organization does.
Why are you excited about hosting the conference in Madison?
I was on the convening committee the last time the AEE conference visited Madison and I am excited to be involved in bringing the conference back!  There are so many things I would like to share with AEE attendees, that the conference will need to last over a week!  I look forward to introducing everyone to the city and to the amazing experiential education work that is being done in our community.
Can you tell us about a moment, memory or lesson learned at an AEE Conference that has stuck with you?
My memory is from my first conference in 1995.  It had snowed, so a group of folx made snowballs, came inside the conference center, and started a snowball fight!  Even though my memory is snow based, I’m hoping we have warm weather during the conference so we can spend time on the beautiful Memorial Union Terrace.
Top recommendation in Madison?
The food in Madison is great—it is a foodie kind of town.  Himal Chuli is my favorite restaurant.  We are a top biking city in the US, so riding around town is super fun and you can get to so many cool places!  (like—great ice cream places!)  Marigold Café is my favorite breakfast spot.  And, Madison is situated on an Isthmus, so finding a place on the lake to sit and reflect is easy to do.
When you aren't working or volunteering, we can probably find you...

Depends on the season—In summer, I will be playing frisbee and canoeing.  Fall—section hiking the Ice Age Trail.  Winter—Cross country skiing as much as I can and if the lake is frozen, playing on the lake.  Spring—easing back into frisbee and section hiking the Ice Age Trail.

Volunteer Coordinator

Callie Auman headshotCallie Auman 


What do you do outside of your AEE volunteer role? 
I currently work in Venture Outdoor Leadership at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I'm the Assistant Director for Challenge Course & Team Building. I teach challenge course classes within the Kinesiology department, train our student leaders, and run programs for the greater Charlotte Metro area. 
What's your history with AEE? 
I started volunteering with AEE in a regional capacity with the Southeast Region- starting as a conference committee member in 2013 and now helping with the Southeast Regional Council. My volunteer work at the International level began as a workshop reviewer for conferences, then led to acting as the lead for the Evaluation Subcommittee for the 2019 AEE/AORE Joint Conference, and finally has taken me to become the Volunteer Coordinator! 
Why are you excited about your volunteer role?
I'm excited to help with the conference for so many reasons. I personally and professionally have learned how important it is to network within this field and have found that the AEE conferences are the best place for me to do that! I also love hearing people's stories and journeys in our field and seeing their passion for their careers. The volunteers are truly the lifeblood of this organization and it's been my honor to meet and work alongside so many amazing people! I know this year will be no different and I can't wait to meet more amazing volunteers during the conference!
Can you tell us about a moment, memory or lesson learned at an AEE Conference that has stuck with you?
 I have so many great memories and lessons from my time at AEE Conferences! The biggest lesson I've taken from each conference I've attended is the importance of support. I distinctly remember the nervousness I felt walking into my first AEE International conference, yet feeling a crazy amount of support from my new friends when I left that conference. AEE members have supported me through each step of my journey in this career field- checking in on me during new jobs, providing encouragement during presentations, bouncing ideas off when I feel stuck. This level of support isn't something I've found in other organizations and it has helped me tremendously!
Tell us what excites you about going to Madison, WI!
I'm very excited about eating a lot of Wisconsin cheese. I wish I were kidding but I really love cheese. Outside of that, I cannot wait for the socials we have planned! I've heard amazing things about the previous Madison conference and can't wait to experience one! 
When you aren't working or volunteering, we can probably find you...
When I'm not working or helping out with AEE, you can usually find me hanging out with my cat at home (usually baking some kind of sweet item) or out on the ultimate frisbee field with some of the amazing local club teams I play with, we often travel to some pretty cool places here in the southeast US! I love staying active and burning off all of the energy I have so I keep my body moving all the time! 

Host Committee

The Host Committee is comprised of volunteers who work under the direct supervision of the Co-Conveners and AEE Staff.  The Host Committee helps with all planning aspects of the Conference, designs and plans selected Conference programs and activities, and provides creative input and a unique context.

Carla Hacker

Information coming soon!

Jen Stanchfield

Information coming soon!

Karen Wong

Information coming soon!

Emily Wentroff

Information coming soon!


The Conference Host Committee is supported by sub-committees that work to plan and implement specific events and activities at the conference. Other sub-committees include Education, Auctions, Kidference, Exhibit Hall, Marketing & more! Information coming soon.

Symposium on Experiential Education Research (SEER) Co-Chairs

The Symposium on Experiential Education Research (SEER) provides an outlet and venue for researchers in the field of experiential education to present, share, dialogue, and further develop their research ideas each year at the AEE International Conference.

Ryan Zwart headhsotRyan Zwart

Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation Studies at Montreat College

Ryan Zwart, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at Montreat College. His research interests are in leisure motivations, human health in connection with the natural environment, and more recently economic impacts of adventure recreation.  When not teaching, instructing, or writing, he is most likely mountain or road biking, paddling, or hiking with his wife, Lindsey, in the scenic mountains of western North Carolina.

"SEER has been a forming place for me in my academic life. It is a large enough symposium to help expand one’s frame of reference with exposure to new ideas, topics, or methodologies within experiential education and a variety of associated fields. It is also small enough to provide presenters and attendees a feeling of support; We embrace questions and comments and work to foster discussion. It is also a great way to connect with colleagues."

Curt Davidson HeadshotCurt Davidson

Ph.D, Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming. President, Alpenglow Education

Curt Davidson, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the University of Wyoming. He is also the President of Alpenglow Education. Curt's love of the outdoor started when he worked as a mountaineering ranger with the Forest Service. Since then, he has worked for over a dozen Adventure Education and guiding programs throughout the globe. His research interests focus on mental health, outdoor recreation, and education. Curt is the author of the Behavioral First Responder Certification and the Outdoor Facilitator's Handbook. When not teaching and writing, you can find him skiing, climbing, or sailing.

"Coming to SEER is like breathing new life into your passion for research. It’s a great place to connect with colleagues, generate new ideas, and be inspired by what others are doing in the field. I always walk away with ideas for new research. I also find it incredibly inspiring to hear about all the good work others are doing to advance the field of Experiential Education. The crowd is always very welcoming and a great place to connect." 

Kathy Chau Rohn headshotKathy Chau Rohn

Ph.D Candidate of Higher Education at Boston College, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Kathy Chau Rohn is a doctoral candidate of Higher Education at Boston College and Diversity Fellow at the Lynch School of Education and Human Development. She received her Ed.M. in Higher Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her areas of research interest include charter schools, postsecondary access and success for marginalized student populations, and outdoor education.

"I presented at SEER for the first time last year and learned so much from fellow presenters and attendees. SEER is a place where I have been able to engage in meaningful discussion about current topics in experiential education with colleagues from around the world. I’m grateful to be a part of this community!" 

AEE Staff Members

AEE currently has three Staff Members who help to plan all aspects of the conference and work directly with all committee members and volunteers. AEE is supported by so many incredible volunteers and could not plan large conferences like this one without them! Meet the AEE Staff

The AEE Social Justice Taskforce

The entire conference team is further supported by the SJTF, who help to ensure conference programming and events are planned and executed with inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility at the forefront. Learn more and meet the Taskforce here