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AEE International Conferences

Annually, AEE has hosted an International Conference that brings attendees together who share the goals of promoting, defining, developing, and applying theories and practices of Experiential Education. AEE is proud to host these leading events annually for present and future experiential educators and practitioners from around the world.

We'll See You in Black Mountain, NC in November 2022 for our 50th Conference!

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The 50th Annual AEE International Conference

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC

November 10-13, 2022
Online & In-Person

Main events and workshops will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (November 10-12) 

"At my first AEE International Conference, I led a round of 'Screaming Toes' in an elevator. We had the best time! It was the first time I spontaneously played with a group of adults I'd never met before. I had found "my people." - Evan, Member since 2010

“I always leave AEE conferences with my head exploding with new info, ideas, and concrete tools to use in my practice and in life, as well as my heart overflowing with the love, kindness, and compassion this community of incredible educators, therapists, and practitioners brings to life in our community. “ -2018 Conference Attendee

“This conference always serves as an energizer for me at a much needed time in the semester.  I always feel more connected and grounded after the conference.” - 2017 Conference Attendee

Regional and Professional Group Conferences

The Region and Professional Group Conferences are aimed at furthering experiential education in its many applications. They seek to strengthen the Association and the field by bringing together its practitioners, supporters – members and non-members – to work, talk, network, play, and learn together in a unique environment that is solely devoted to these objectives and thoughtfully designed for these purposes.

There are plenty of opportunities to Volunteer at our International and Regional Conferences!

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