2020 AEE International Conference


The 2020 Virtual International Conference is more than a ticket to live events. It's your ticket to 70+ recorded workshops & events, on-demand, at your fingertips, until 2021. It's your ticket to hours of networking, connecting, and collaborating with hundreds of Experiential Educators from around the world. 




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Join hundreds of Experiential Educators from around the world for three days of engaging workshops, meaningful networking, and informative presentations...all from the safety and comfort of your own home!

Foster connections that cross any boundaries of profession, background, or border. Together, we can elevate and expand the capacity of Experiential Education. 

How exactly will the 2020 Conference impact you?

CONNECT with the Global Experiential Community

  • Want to meet some amazing people who practice what they teach? At AEE you can connect with some of the leaders and innovators in our industry - authors, researchers, professors, and organizational founders. We are intentionally designing many virtual spaces for informal networking, so you will have plenty of opportunities to meet, chat, and make meaningful connections.
  • Have a question about the data behind EE? Organizations and programs will have abundant opportunities to discuss quantitative and qualitative results with the researchers performing those studies to help inform future programming. 


DISCOVER what is happening in Experiential Ed 

  • How is EE taught, shared, and studied in other cultures? Boost your informed facilitation by learning from practitioners from all over the world. 

  • New to EE? Our Conference will expose you to all areas of the field, kick-start networking, and help you see the full scope of what is possible with a future in EE.

  • EE foundations have deep roots and are constantly growing with their environment. Learn from the trailblazers of a wide array of EE practices, standards, and initiatives. Learn how others are adapting their work and programs during this time.


EXPAND your Experiential world

  • Looking to modify and/or advance your practice? Our Conference will provide collaborative spaces for you to learn from and with other professionals using EE in different ways. Learn and be inspired by how others are navigating new challenges.

  • Curious about what is happening with EE in other parts of the world? With the diversity of attendees, you’ll have countless opportunities to learn about the global impact of EE.

  • Find yourself saying things like, “I need someone to train my staff.”? Increase your professional network by collaborating with trainers in the many facets of facilitation and practice during our robust workshop offerings

REFRESH your Experiential self and your personal self 

  • Have you been ‘stuck in a rut’ doing the same initiatives over and over again? Need new, inclusive language for your participant liability waiver? Want to find new ways to engage your students, team, or community? Get your questions answered and discover ways to grow professionally and personally. 

  • Need to hit the reset button in order to bring your best self to your practice, studies, work, or life? One of the most common things we hear from attendees is that they leave our conferences feeling refreshed and re-energized. Rest assured that with our virtual conference programming, you’ll leave with the momentum and inspiration to take on your next goal.



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Want to help spread the word about the conference? Share your excitement! Invite your friends, coworkers, students...all are welcome from any area of practice or interest! Check out our sample social media posts, graphics, email templates, and more in our MEDIA KIT