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The M.S. in Experiential and Outdoor Education is a two-year hybrid program. Hybrid coursework is a mix of online (synchronous and asynchronous) and face-to-face weekend (Friday and Saturday) core class sessions during Year 1 and elective courses (offered online, face-to-face and hybrid) in Year 2. The degree utilizes the philosophy of experiential education combined with the modality of outdoor education to provide students with necessary training to serve in a variety of educational contexts.

This degree works well for a wide range of professionals who work in outdoor and educational programs including: expeditionary learning schools, charter schools, independent schools with an experiential education program, community colleges, residential and day camps, environmental education programs, therapeutic experiential agencies and camps, university outdoor programs, and wilderness leadership programs.
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Andrew Bobilya

Professor of Experiential and Outdoor Education

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Kayler DeBrew

Patty Harley

Paul Stonehouse

Assistant Lecturer of Outdoor Education

Rena McKay

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Parks and Recreation, Camps, Colleges & Universities, Outdoor Programs, Wilderness & Adventure Programs