TAPG Webinar Series: Metaphor Magic

Metaphor Magic

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)
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Metaphor Magic

June 12 | 7-9PM ET

Maurie Lung, PhD, MHC, MFT, CCAT

Metaphor can offer people a space to explore, explain, and address real world issues in powerful ways. Approaching these topics indirectly through speculative metaphor and analogy can serve to illuminate complex concepts or confront painful truths. Our speculative stories act as curious mirrors, reflecting ourselves and our world not only as we are, but as we could be; for better or worse. During our time together, we’ll look at examples of speculative metaphor in the work of adventure therapy; use creative exercises to generate our own absurd and accurate metaphors; explore the opportunities offered by existing genre tropes; and develop our own compelling ideas and imagery to open up real-world topics.

2 Hours of Facilitation and Processing in AT/TA

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About the Series: The Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group developed the annual webinar series to provide more opportunities for individuals interested in receiving additional training and education specific to working in adventure therapy and therapeutic adventure settings in a more accessible format. Each of these webinars offer two hours of training in the various core competencies required for certification as a Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist or a Certified Therapeutic Adventure Specialist. About the AEE Certification Program

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