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Become part of a dynamic network of individuals who believe that the core of learning is greatly enhanced by experiential practices.

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AEE is dedicated to supporting its members in their work to create educational and societal change, and broaden the adoption of experiential education through:

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AEE members represent a broad spectrum of professional fields that utilize experiential education methodologies and practices: outdoor, classroom, human service, organizational training, therapeutic and adventure settings. We recognize and champion the fact that experiential education can take place in many different settings and contexts, and work hard to create a community of inclusion, open dialogue and access to facilitate the connection between individuals from all areas of professional focus, perspective and background. While use of the outdoors is not a requirement for experiential education, challenge is often achieved through activities in the outdoors. Accordingly, we recognize the value of nature and the outdoors.

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AEE Member Testimonials

“The opportunity to meet and be exposed to people and ideas outside of my traditional practice areas has been eye-opening and inspired me to expand my practice areas and network.”
“AEE has helped frame social justice in outdoor education and has been integral in my professional development throughout my career.”
“AEE has values that embrace diversity, excellence, and interactive learning.”