Emotional Events

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EST)

"An emotional event: Any struggle on the course will stimulate an emotional response on the part of the individual. While the struggle excites some people, others will quickly become emotional. In such cases, a person's cognitive ability, focus, and effective action decreases quickly. As the emotion intensifies, so do the downward effects. The ability to respond verbally can be deeply impacted as the emotion grows, too." - Tom Leahy

Join Tom for this insightful four session webinar series @ 7pm Eastern on November 10th, 17th, December 1st and December 8th. Each session is scheduled for two hours. Register for sessions individually. Discounts are automatically applied to Alliance Members, based on your membership level.


“Qualifier”: I am not a licensed mental health professional just like most of the rest of us in the field.  I would hardly call myself a “layman” though and these sessions are about my journey to figure stuff out.  I know that other facilitators will be able to relate to my stories, connect with my models and terms and immediately connect with what they can do." - Tom Leahy

REGISTRATION = $30 per session, per attendee

ALLIANCE MEMBER DISCOUNTS $5 automatically applied to Individual or Associate Members
 $10 automatically applied to Organizational or Institutional Members

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Bill Weaver

Bill Weaver