The Inspired Classroom Educator, Engaged and Connected Students

The Inspired Classroom Educator, Engaged and Connected Students

Wednesday, November 1, 2023
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (CDT)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Memorial Union

800 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53703 United States
Category: International Conferences

AEE International Conference Pre-Conference Event

The Inspired Classroom Educator, Engaged and Connected Students

Madison, Wisconsin | November 1 9am-3pm | $129 | NPC (national panhellenic council) North & South - Memorial Union Building

includes a copy of Jen Stanchfield’s book Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Strategies to Engage, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons

Join this interactive workshop and fill your teaching toolbox with experiential, brain-based techniques to inspire, engage, build community, and create lasting, meaningful lessons. Network with other educators from across the globe and co-creatively explore ways to empower students to take ownership of learning, practice social and emotional skills, and build a positive, connected, inclusive, and supportive classroom. Bring academic and social-emotional learning content to life with active, student-centered participation methods to enhance involvement, buy-in, and retention. Harness the power of experiential learning and neuroscience to teach, practice, and assess academics while cultivating collaboration, student voice, self and social awareness, and communication. Facilitate meaningful review and reflection to increase emotional connection, relevancy, and depth of understanding. Whether you are new to experiential teaching or a seasoned educator, join us for this collaborative session and take away practical engagement strategies, creative inspiration, new perspectives and professional connections.

This engaging and co-creative workshop offers the following:

• Experiential, brain-based engagement techniques to integrate academic and social and emotional learning content and help students apply it in meaningful, relevant ways
• Strategies for increasing choice, voice, and ownership in learning
• Interactive activities to enliven academic lessons and differentiate instruction while promoting SEL
• Compelling neuroscience research that supports and informs experiential approaches to teaching and social and emotional learning
• Collaborative, student-centered ways to create and maintain productive, inclusive, responsive, supportive learning communities
• Student-centered approaches and classroom structures to cultivate social and emotional skills such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration, self-awareness, emotional expression, and reflection
• Engaging academic review and reflection techniques increase relevancy and understanding and create lasting, meaningful lessons
• Practices for enhancing one's role as an intentional and reflective "educator as guide"

Presenter: Jen Stanchfield

In her three-plus decades as an experiential educator and author, Jen has worked with schools and colleges across the globe to cultivate meaningful engagement, collaborative learning communities and social and emotional learning. Jen holds an M.S. in Experiential Education and continues studies in educational neuroscience.

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