Prescott College Virtual Education Department Colloquium

Friday, January 28, 2022

Spring 2022 Virtual

Education Department Colloquium

In These Changing Times: Social, Emotional and Culturally Responsive Teaching, Learning & Leading

January 28-29, 2022

Join the Prescott College Education faculty and students for this exciting professional development experience. Participants will have opportunities to attend presentations by Prescott College faculty, students, and distinguished guests from the field of education, participating in skill-building workshops. Expect to be engaged, challenged, inspired, and ready to return to your schools, districts, classrooms, and organizations rejuvenated!

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The Keynote Session:

"Movement Building Toward a Vision of Justice"

Interactive Keynote Session with National Speaker Catherine Wong:

Friday, January 28, 2022 Starting at 9:30-11 AM MST

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Speaker: Catherine Wong

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Catherine Wong leads global and national organizations and higher education programs in developing strategy, collective leadership, curriculum, and training centering diversity, equity and inclusion.